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Thank you to everyone who took the time to give me such positive feedback! I'm so grateful to work with so many amazing people. If you think we could be a good fit, please contact me!

“Hello, I saw you were featured on Vancity Insta and your paintings are gorgeous!  I lived in Vancouver for 6 years and you really capture the energy of it! Best Wishes.” Jennifer Bennett, dancer from Pittsburgh, PA

Content Creation
“We discovered Karlie’s Artwork on the VFW Instagram account and we thought her illustrations looked amazing! Seeing two of our models showcased on VFW through her art was truly special, and it made them stand out even more. Karlie’s work is very fresh and contemporary- she showed a lot of creativity and technique through these illustrations. We look forward to working together in the near future!” -Dayna Lonquist, Creative Director at League Models Agency

Custom pet illustrations
"Not only did Karlie capture everything we love about Mia we love! But working with Karlie was amazing. She was so patient with helping us find the best image of Mia and then mocked the work to make sure we loved it. The finished portrait of Mia turned out better then I would have ever imagined. Thank you so much!" -Anita Cirillo, Art Consultant at Gallery Jones

Print Purchase & Overseas Shipping
“Thank you so much for the artwork. It arrived in EXCELLENT condition, even after travelling halfway around the world! Your work is beautiful, and hanging it here on my wall in England will always remind me of your beautiful city. They take pride of place and will be seen whenever someone enters the living room/lounge. I’ll always have a small piece of Vancouver here in my home.” -Steven Horton, from the UK, Accademy Recruiter WBA

VFW Content Creation
"It was great to mix in another art form into our social media channels, and to highlight a few of the runway looks through art.  The pieces Karlie created really captured the garments, and her technique is flawless. We look forward to working with her again in the future." - Robyn Meeres, Partnership Coordinator & Backstage Manager at VFW SS2018

 @Vancity Instagram takeover:
"Karlie's takeover was a big success and a valuable piece of content for our Vancouver audience! Karlie took over our @Vancity Instagram channel and created a highly visual, inspiring, strategic, diverse, and informative story that dove into what an artist's lifestyle might look like in Vancouver. Throughout this engagement, Karlie was great to communicate and schedule with and she handled our account with care. In the end, our audience benefited and all parties took something away from the collaboration. I'd recommend Karlie to other media networks and community channels that are looking to tell stories and share information about what being an artist means and looks like here in Vancouver." -@Vancity Feature Team

Instagram Takeover
“You were amazing! You were so engaging, and the content was great! I was watching you paint, thinking how great it was for viewers to see your art coming to life! Giving them a better understanding of what goes into the work!” -Gail Brunoro, Founder of Bevéfresco

Content Creation
"Overwhelmingly breathtaking! So respectfully detailed and passionately captured by her talent!" -Srishti Kaur, Founder and Designer of Srishti Kaur Designs

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