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Oo Farm Experience | Seed To Cup Tour | Artist Travelling in Maui

Oo Farm Experience | Seed To Cup Tour | Artist Travelling in Maui
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This past March 2018, Kyle and I went to Maui. It was my first time visiting Hawaii (although I did land there for a few hours on my way to backpack in Australia, but that's another story!) We both love to travel and enjoy a solid mix of relaxing and adventure, all of which bring me a great deal of inspiration.

 Oo Farm Experience In Maui posing in the entrance


Not only do I love art, but I also absolutely love coffee and food. Mix that in with farm to table experience and we find ourselves the perfect brunch experience! I am excited to share with you this special place we found in Maui which covers all of the above: Oo Farm.

Farm to table is a concept I became more familiar with once I moved to Vancouver, and it's become a passion of mine. Starting with our trip to Maui, I'm going to try to find a place everywhere we travel which carries these values. But it will definitely be hard to beat a place like Oo Farm!

Oo Farm on Maui as illustrated by Karlie Rosin


Oo Farm is a beautiful property nested in the middle of the jungle in upcountry Maui, in Kula, on 8 acres of lush land. The drive up to Kula by the side of the Haleakala Volcano is equally gorgeous as you you travel through the jungle, sun passing through the leaves, fresh air running through your hair (if you rented a convertible like we did!) and seeing glimpses of the views from the valley and the West Maui Mountains.

Oo Farm views of west maui mountains


Oo Farm experience is like no other. The whole experience there is pretty whimsical. When you first arrive to the front of the Farm at the bottom of the long dirt driveway, Ancil meets you and explains a bit about what to expect and invites you to drive up to the property. Ancil is the general manager of the farm and he's an ISA certified arborist, and CQI ceritifed Q Grader as well. He's got such a wealth of knowledge and his passion for the farm was contagious!


Oo Farm in Maui Tour starts here

Oo Farm in Maui Ancil Coffee Farmer

Oo Farm in Maui manager Ancil shows coffee fruit


Once you drive up, you get ready to taste your way to breakfast! That's right, not only do you get to eat the goodies in the garden at the farm to table breakfast experience, you also get to taste your way to the table, and learn about the precious food you're about to savour. We spent the early morning wandering through their property and tasted our way through the gardens.


Oo Farm gardens

Oo Farm in Maui seed to cup tour


We savoured some greens, veggies, even edible flowers! We learned about the every day life on the farm, the love they have for Maui and the soil, as well as the amount of attention to detail needed to keep the quality.


Oo Farm Maui coffee tree during the seed to cup tour

Oo Farm in Maui seed to cup tour in the gardens

OO Farm in Maui views of property


As Ancil passionately explained to us the process of making their award winning coffee, we were able to see the coffee fruit on the plants and taste those as well- I had no idea this is what coffee looks like! Kyle and I were impressed by this. 


Oo Farm in Maui seed to cup tour coffee fruit

Oo Farm in Maui coffee cups


To be able to taste the raw coffee fruit, see the plant it grows on and then go to their gorgeous coffee roaster building and see how it's transformed from that fruit to being in the cup is a truly fulfilling experience. No wonder it's called the Seed to Cup experience! Take a look at my illustration of their coffee roaster building and a few pics of the interior:


Oo Farm in Maui illustration by Karlie Rosin of the coffee roasterie

Oo Farm in Maui coffee roaster building

Oo Farm in Maui coffee roaster building inside

Oo Farm in Maui coffee roaster building in the jungle


We actually tasted a delicious tea that was also made from the raw coffee fruit- and that was really good! I thought that was such an innovative way to use different materials to create various types of masterpieces.


Oo Farm in Maui also makes tea from the coffee beans


During the tasting, we could hear the birds in the background, breathe the fresh Maui jungle air, inhale the glorious aromas from the team cooking the brunch next door, and see the gorgeous gardens. Such a wonderful moment. 


Oo Farm brunch area seed to cup tour

Oo Farm in Maui serves brunch in their seed to cup tour


Shortly after our tasting, we all got to sit on this gorgeous wood table outside on the farm's lawn, where we were served frittata sprinkled with their special spice, various vegetables from the garden including edible flowers, some fruits,homemade jam and, of course, great coffee. 

Oo Farm in Maui serves farm to table brunch - image of a frittata

Oo Farm in Maui brunch table set up


The food was absolutely delicious and the freshest you could ever get! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this. I truly think you will get an extremely inspiring Maui experience if you come here and discover Kula, a side that not many people have taken the time to see.  It gets you connected to the island on a whole other level.


Oo Farm in Maui serves farm to table brunch


I purchased a bag of Yellow Cattura Coffee and a container of their special spices they added to the frittata and have been enjoying this farm to table experience from my home. I was truly inspired by this experience! 

Here is the coffee I bought as described on the packaging:

Yellow Cattura #16
Tasting notes: pleasant aromas of roasted hazelnut and honey. Cup is light and sweet, balanced with pleasant bitter tones, milk chocolate, and honey. Lingering finish a with a hint of pecan. 

Yum, right? It tastes as good as it sounds, if not better!

The spices are a blend of a few dried vegetables and herbs found on the farm Tastes delicious and works for everything! I've used it on eggs, chicken, salad, avocado, you name it. And it lasts for a really long time! Dont' skip out on purchasing this when you go.

 Oo Farm in Maui spices we purchased


Oo Farm supplies fresh vegetables, fruits and coffee to upscale Lahaina restaurants such as Pacific'O, The Fest At Lele, and Aina Gourmet Market. Although we didn't get the chance to eat at one of these places while we were there, we plan on returning to try them and having a much richer experience since we'll know where the food is coming from, and I hope you get to have that experience as well! 

Let me know if you've ever been to a farm to table experience and if you've been to Maui, would you consider going here now that you've heard about it? I'd love to hear from you.

Mahalo and until next time,


Oo Farm offer up a few tours. The one we took was the Seed To Cup tour. Check out their website here for updated info.

Seed to Cup Tour available for $64 per adult and $32 per child (ages 5-12)---Monday through Friday starting at 8:30 AM (roughly a 3 hour event, INCLUDES a gourmet breakfast)

Another tour they offer is their lunch Farm To Table Tour. Check out their website here for updated info.

Gourmet Lunch and Farm Tour available for $64 per adult and $32 per child (ages 5-12, any child younger is free)---Monday through Friday starting at 10:30 AM (roughly a 3 hour event, INCLUDES gourmet lunch)

Oo Farm
651 Waipoli Rd.
Kula, Hawaii 96790

Thank you to Oo Farms for hosting my Seed to Table experience. As usual, opinions are my own.


Oo Farm 


Oo Farm in Maui seed to cup tour

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  • Carmen Carpentier: October 01, 2018

    I feel like booking a flight right now to visit Oo Farm!! My mouth is watering already!

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