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Art Show in Vancouver | RAW Artists Presents Karlie Rosin at Fixate | Fall 2017

Art Show in Vancouver | RAW Artists Presents Karlie Rosin at Fixate | Fall 2017
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Hey everyone! So I finally did my 1st Art Show in Vancouver! It wasn't just me, I was surrounded by a bunch of creatives, and that made it wayyy less stressful! We showcased our creations at the Harbour Event Centre, 750 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver. Raw Artists is a platform that helps creatives have a communal Art Show without having to take care of the hassle of finding a venue and some of the items you need to set up your art. This is how they describe it on the Raw website:

"To provide independent artists within the first 10 years of their creative career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity. RAW ventures to provide the platform for these artists to be seen,heard, and loved.
RAW showcases indie talent in visual art, film, fashion design, music, performance art, hair and makeup artistry, and photography.
RAW is a fun and alternative way for artists to showcase both to their local community and the world-at-large. We are not your average art show. We are loud, colorful, creative, and all about our artists. We are RAW. RAW currently operates in over 60 cities across the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK!"

It was a really fun creative evening with music, performances, fashion shows and many talented people were a part of it! The best part of it was having my friends and family there to be a part of the fun,  meeting new people and hearing what inspires them about your art, or just in general and seeing how other Artists decided to set up their  booth. Other then noticing how different everyone's creations were, it was very interesting to see how they set up their booth and display their artwork.

 Karlie Carpentier Rosin artist at raw artists fixate 2017  illustrations

This event gave me some solid experience and check lists on preparations such as printing my art, what essentials to buy for sales, how to decorate your booth, what to bring, how much time to prepare, etc. This is just a 1st draft, but I'm sure it can come in handy to some of you! I will be adding it to my blog very shortly, so stay tuned.

I showed up with some original pieces like my landscape paintings such as Rosé Landscapes, Blue Views as well as some prints from North Vancouver and Deep Cove. Other pieces included a print from my Flippable Flamingo Painting, Macarons Squad illustration, Triceratops Watercolour Illustration, Hot Pink Doughnut painting, and a few more.

Let me know what you think, have you ever been to a Raw Artists show?

If you'd like to see more of my illustrations and artwork, you can browse my site and stay connected with me on your favorite social media platform, and by email so you don't miss a date and get special pricing on VIP events!

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