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Instagram Takeover | Karlie Rosin's Art Life in Gastown with @Vancity Vancouver Feature

Instagram Takeover | Karlie Rosin's Art Life in Gastown with @Vancity Vancouver Feature
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On Monday June 11th 2018, I had the chance to take over the Vancity Feature @Vancity Instagram Stories to show their followers a unique perspective of my Vancouver Art Lifestyle. You can view it on my account in the Highlights entitled "TakeOver" or on their account in Highlights entitled "Vancity Takeover". Flip through the stories, I'm the second one (right after Actor Liam Hall on Cypress). You can also view it at the end of this Blog Post!

You should definitely check out Vancity Feature- they have great content and show lots of love to the Vancity community by doing gallery features and Instagram takeovers to show you various perspectives on this beautiful city. It's a great way to get a different view on things and to discover talented creatives in the city.

And thanks to the Vancity Feature followers - and mine who tuned in too - for being so involved during the whole day with story comments, post comments and taking part in my poll!

Karlie Carpentier Rosin Artist on Gastown Rooftop with Vancity Feature logo


It was important to me to show what a day in my life as an Artist living in Gastown is like. My Instagram followers already get a good idea of what I do with some behind the scenes of art in progress, lifestyle, meetings or even travel and I wanted to make that available to the Vancity Feature followers as well. It was hard to focus on just a few things as there is so much I appreciate about Gastown but there were also certain specs I had to respect- such as keeping the stories to a certain minimum. Therefore, there are many extra things I could have added, but I stuck to the main elements.

Karlie Carpentier Rosin Inspiration views from Gastown


The pièce de résistance that gets my creativity going are the views we get here in Gastown. I started off by showing our rooftop views of the city, as well as the North Vancouver Mountain views, with the Port of Vancouver and Canada Place. There was a cruise ship docked that morning which was great since I love watching those come and go. (I secretly constantly check the cruise ship schedule) The backyard is the best- there's so much action going on there like floating planes, cruise ships, helicopters, boats, trains... lots happening!


I couldn't possibly cover all the Gastown landmarks in my Instagram takeover but I stuck to the ones that I like and notice daily which include Hotel Europe, Gassy Jack and the famous Vancouver Steam Clock. There's lots of history in the Maple Tree Square where Gassy Jack and Hotel Europe are located- and the Steam Clock is just such a classic I couldn't ignore it!

Karlie Carpentier Rosin Sketches of Gastown Landmarks in Vancouver


I created a poll in my Vancity Feature Instagram stories to get to know the Vancity followers and to better understand their preference. The voting was so close! 59% to 41%
Gassy Jack and The Steam Clock ultimately won, but it was a close call. Interestingly enough, when I added the stories a few days later to my own account I enabled the Poll again and my followers were choosing in majority the Mountain Views. When the stories and votes ended, it was an exact match! (50% to 50%). It's safe to say we all just love Gastown and it was hard to choose anyways haha but if you had to, which one would you have chosen?

Karlie Carpentier Rosin Instagram Poll for which painting to make in Gastown


I filmed myself sketching and painting throughout the day to incorporate some of those videos into the stories. From a previous poll I did on my Instagram Story, I knew that my followers loved it when I posted timelapses (thanks to those reading for participating in my fun polls!) so I figured I would give it a try with the Vancity crowd. I think these types of videos help people understand the art process a little bit better. If you want to Subscribe to my ultra new Youtube channel click HERE.


I started the Gassy Jack painting as well as the Mountain Views. I painted these iconic Gastown landmarks with a mix of watercolours and acrylic paint on Arches watercolour paper. These are still a work in progress, but I'll post artistic process pictures on my stories as I work on them and on social media, and will write a final blog post once they are finished. I know many of you are curious to see the final result! Follow me @karlierosin to see more :)



Here's a behind the scenes glimpse at the setup I had for my time lapse videos. Below was the setup for my sketching, and I used the same for the Gassy Jack painting and the North Vancouver Mountain Views painting. It's a tripod for my phone that I purchased on Amazon and I turn it to face parallel to the table.

Karlie Carpentier Rosin takes over Vancity Feature account and this is her setup for timelapses

This is the setup for one of the paintings I started as well, the Steam Clock painting. I will be redoing this one as I'm not feeling the composition is as strong as it could be.

Karlie Carpentier Rosin Artist Vancouver Feature Instagram Takeover BTS Setup


I was really honored that they chose me to show this unique perspective on Vancouver. I loved sharing my art life with the Vancouver Feature followers and I look forward to my next takeover! If you're curious about working with me for a collaboration or an Instagram takeover please visit this page and email me.

I received many messages on Instagram from the Vancity followers as well as my followers who tuned in for the day and I'm so grateful! Thank you. My heart is filled with joy from all the positive energy I received that day and keep receiving from my community everyday! I'm humbled to have receive so much great feedback adn I'd like to share a few with you:

“You were amazing! You were so engaging, and the content was great! I was watching you paint, thinking how great it was for viewers to see your art coming to life! Giving them a better understanding of what goes into the work!” Gail Brunoro, Founder of Bevéfresco

“I really like your work. I had the pleasure to live and work in Gastown for a while and I miss it so much. Your pictures remind me of one of my best span of lifetime :) keep on doing what you do, you’re great at it!” Mai Nguyen, from Germany.

“Hello, I saw you were featured on Vancity Insta and your paintings are gorgeous!  I lived in Vancouver for 6 years and you really capture the energy of it! Best Wishes.” Jennifer Bennett, dancer from Pittsburgh, PA

Have you ever done an Instagram Takeover? What was your experience like? let me know :)

Vancity Feature shows love to Vancouver and they have wonderful content. Check them out here:
Vancity Feature | Instagram @vancity | Facebook @vancityfeature | Twitter @vancityfeature

Hope you enjoyed it as well,
See you soon!



Thank you to Vancity Feature for hosting me on their stories. As usual, all opinions are my own.


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